Webmaking in Long Mountain

Wish to share a feedback on a Webmaker event we had last Saturday 13 April in extra curricular oriental language class in my home-village.

I scheduled this event (tag on Reps portal) on that day but only the teachers were aware of the event but not about the contents…

we wanted to take the students by surprise, which I would call a Walk-In Webmaker training. I was helped by Pamela, my mozillian wife planning this event to make it successful. 16 students (age group: 12-15) participated in the event. We started the session with an ice-breaker- we shot two questions as we did in Greece. The teachers who were so keen to watch the show were invited to join the students who were broken into two groups of 8. We started with slide show on an introduction of Webmaker, was done by Pamela before we give them a theme: ‘Environment’ on which they have to produce an illustrated cartoon with call outs in Tamil and translation in English.

Tools which were used for this events:

A5 size paper for drawing
Colour markers

Webmaker tools: Thimble and Popcorn


2 Laptops (1 for Thimble and 1 for Popcorn) and this time I managed to bring our own Internet connection (wifi) which was working perfectly

A still camera was used to take pictures of the cartoon and then uploading them on flickr.com

The groups of students and teachers were very enthusiast with this events and participated active in this workshop. Each students were given a task and each group had a leader. Each group was working on their own sub-topic which they have chosen themselves but they should stay within the main topic: environment

Group 1: Flooding

Group 2: Pollution

As we started a bit late that is by 10.00, time was running out (by 11.30 class should be over) and we gave the students about 45 minutes to work on their project. The two groups were ready with illustrations by 11.15 where we had not enough time to upload. We had to stop the event and the scene 2 of this event will continue this Saturday 20 April but earlier that is by 9.00….

So the next episode will be students working with Webmaker tools.

to be continued after the break….!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thimble Project:



Popcorn Project:




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