Maker Party at St Paul

Saturday 24 August 2013 was a great day for Mozilla Mauritius.  Veeren, a mozillian, invited us for a kitchen table maker party at his place. Its the second event we organise at his place. The day was very fruitful.

The day was plan as follows:

– A brief on whats Mozilla and its mission, by Moz Reps, Ganesh

– The different projects/products

– Webmaker

We reach his place well prepared with laptops and tools necessary for the day. He welcome us with some snacks and drinks.

So the day started with a presentation of the Keon and Firefox OS while waiting for our guest, yes Veeren invited someone to join us, Rajen.

We invited him, as he was interested to know what we do as a mozillian and the several responsibilities we take. On the very same day we get him to join the Mozillian Community. He was amazed that so much projects/products of Mozilla existed. He was only aware of Mozilla Firefox.

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Afterwards Veeren treats us with a nice and “copieux” lunch which everyone  appreciated lots. After everyone has well eaten, we continue with our Webmaker party.

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We discuss about how to go ahead with our mission and organise more events with students specially.

There was a demo of the different products of Mozilla.

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We also have a little mozillian among us who is just 7 years old. She also participated on that by making a poster for the team with the logos of Mozilla products.

She was very happy and enthusiastic to do the task.

Veeren and his wife, Jothi are a very generous person, as they even offer us a tea time.

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After this meet up,Rajen was thinking of talking to his employer to apply the different Mozilla product at his workplace.

As usual, they were mostly interested in Popcorn Maker.


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