Union Park Tamil School

Mozilla School Tour was our February 2014 event which was held in an extra curricular school at Union Park in the South of Mauritius. The event was scheduled for Saturday 22 February between 13:00hrs and 16:00hrs local time and organised by ReMo Sandraghassen with the support of Mozillian Pamela.

20 students aged between 11 to 17 participed in this event together with their teachers and few parents.

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As it was a many -in-one event, it was divided into two sessions: the first one was presentations on Mozilla and its products with demos on

Mozilla Community and how to join the community,
Mozilla Products
Mozilla Mauritius,
Firefox and Firefox OS

The second session was mainly devoted to a webmaker party where the students were introduced to the webmaker tools: Thimble, Popcorn and X-ray Goggles.

We set the class into four small groups and with one laptop each. As they were more enthusiast with popcorn, we were moving from one group to another to help them with their makes. One of the students who tried to learn webmaker before this events, helped us a lot by teaching his friends in their makes.

At the end we have a quiz session, where those who answered correctly were gifted with Webmaker T-shirt. I also distributed swags to everyone who attended the events. Then we gather feedback from the participants. Some were interested to join the community.

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The feedback that we got from them is that this event was Mozilla is FUN ,FANTASTIC and FORWARD LOOKING!


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