Muslim High School Port Louis

We finally manage to meet our challenge to organise another Maker party before the end of the Worldwide Maker Party campaign, June-September 2013. The event was held very early in the morning on Saturday 14 between 7.30-10.30 a.m at the Muslim High School in the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis.

Initially, we planned to organise the event at the Global Rainbow Trust, an NGO. Unfortunately, as another activity was scheduled at the same time, we cancelled that one and invited the high school to host the event. Despite the short notice, they accepted to host this event.

The management of this institution made a brief introduction before a presentation that I made on Mozilla and its products. There were about 20 students (boys and girls aged between 11-17) who participated in our today’s webmaker party.


After brief overview on Mozilla mission and product, I started an overview presentation on webmaker followed by a demo on Thimble and Popcorn. The students were then divided into groups and invited to remix or create their projects on the following themes: Earth, environment and education.

Fortunately, we had sufficient laptops for each group of 2 or 3 students. The institution provided two laptops, some students brought their own and I manage to bring along few laptops and a mobile wireless internet connection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The students who had never heard about Webmaker, were so amaze about Popcorn that they started their makes with the help the Mozillians. Two of their popcorn makes can be seen here:

The management team and teachers  who were also very keen, attended the whole session.

Having learned about the featuresof Webmaker, the management team of this school invited us to organise more Webmaker event in their branches and also allow us to use their lecture room and facilities to host our events.

Swags were distributed to all the students and teachers and some of the students who successfully master the features of popcorn and answered to our quiz received the M t-shirts. Attached are a few picts of the event.

Team of the day: Sandraghassen(Ganesh) [ReMo] and Veeren [Mozillian]
Veeren was the photograph/cameraman of the day.


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