Maker Party at Goodlands

Saturday 10 August 2013 was another amazing moment for us while organizing a new MAKER PARTY – Webmaker event in another village of the Mauritius, at Goodlands which is found in the North.

The participants were mainly school students, age range between 11-16 and some of them were accompanied by their parents. This is the first time that parents also were present in our events. A painting session was also organized for the few kids aged between 5-8 who were present.

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We have established contact with the teacher in charge of the extra-curricular school, before organizing the event. We have also asked her to arrange so that the students could come along with their laptops. We brought two laptops together with Internet connection which was accessible through a wireless router modem and three additional laptops were brought by the students. This was fantastic!
Mozilla Rep, Ganesh was the event organizer, supported by the Mozillians Pamela and Manjula.
We started the session with a brief explanation on Mozilla and its activities, which most of them did not know about.  In beginning they did not seem to catch our attention till we explain them about Webmaker and its tools, especially Popcorn that aroused their enthusiast to participate in the event fully.

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Below are the paintings made by the little kids:

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We had also introduced the different tools of Webmaker – Thimble, Popcorn and X-ray Goggles.
However, this session, was mainly on Popcorn. We talked about Popcorn and how to remix a video. We show them a Popcorn video which has been remixed and tried a popcorn video in front of them. We ask them for idea; We explain how to remix a video, copy a video in Popcorn, add text and images, formatting text.
We split the students into groups of 3 to 4 and give them a class work to create Popcorn. We let them chose their own video and remix it as they like.

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The following is the popcorn video the groups made:

Point to be noted this is the first time they are working with Webmaker(Popcorn).

We collected their feedback:

They were very happy to have learned something new.
They were even planning to use popcorn for their school activities.
They were interested to have more Webmaker session in the future.
The teachers and parents also were curious and surprised by the work of their students and also with the possibilities of Webmaker.


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