Kick off Maker Party 2014 at St Paul

13 July 2014

 The kick off for the Maker Party 2014 has been launched on Sunday 13th July 2014 in Mauritius at Veeren’s place, a Mozillian. Why not starts the party with Mozillians. We were at his place for a 3hrs webmaker party. Our super mentor, Ganesh was also present.

We start at around 3:00pm. We talk a bit about how we are going to organize future events during the Maker Party. Then we work in groups of two, Veeren and Ganesh, on the other hand, me and Roopali(veeren’s daughter). She is just 7yrs old.

Veeren and Ganesh work on a report on a recent event . They use the Thimble page I design for this event and remix it. The thimble page was an introduction to Mozilla and HMTL programming language.

So they remix the page to get this

As you can see they work hard to produce a new way of event reporting.

On the other hand, me and Roopali work on a popcorn page. So I ask her what she wants to do. But as she did not know what to do, I propose her some idea like creating a page or taking a video and remix it. She immediately agrees with the second idea. So she chose her video online which is a Dora video. She was very choosy on the video. Before selecting one from youtube, she wanted to watch some of it and then make her choice. And I have to abide to what she wants. So now that the video was here, we start a popcorn from scratch.

I explain to her the different option of popcorn. While editing the video she chose option she likes. For example the Popup use in the video was her choice. So we ended producing the following:


Moreover she shows us another make, rainbow loom with elastic.

So we are training the mozillian to be at their young age.

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