Mozilla Mauritius with Orange Lor baz at Flacq

The Mozillians team in Mauritius participated at the ‘Orange Lor Baz’ event which was held last Saturday, 27 June at Flacq in the East of Mauritius. This is the third event where Mozilla Mauritius joined Orange in the launching of Orange Kliff, which was on sale on place for the first time out of the three last events.

Without no doubt we were there for Firefox OS which many people have never head of before; they also shown there curiosity about the price for such a smartphone  and we notice that one of the visitors bought himself 10 devices.

About 2900 visitors attended the event and more the 100 Orange Kliff were sold within the 6 hours of this event. Our team comprised of  Mozillians Ganesh, Pamela, Manjula and our new recruit Shafeek.

Swags which we fortunately received one day before were distributed to those whose purchase Orange Kliff on the spot and to so many people who visited our stand also.


During this event, we had a brief exchange with Nathalie Clere, Deputy  Chief Executive Officer and Bobby Ramsoodur, the Senior Executive Marketing of Orange Mauritius. 

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Orange
Senior Executive Marketing , Orange

Some more pics………..

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The next event is now scheduled for 4 July in a shopping complex Bagatelle situated in the central of Mauritius .

Watch us here!


Text by: Ganesh

Blog by: Pamela


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