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Another Maker Party for Mauritius was held 0n Sunday 7th September 9, 2014  at New Grove which is found in the southern region of Mauritius. Mr Mahadoo was our first contact person who initiate the discussion for organizing a Mozilla Event in this locality.
For the organization and preparation, Mr Kamlesh was our contact who works in the IT field. The preparations were going for 3 weeks. We could not have it earlier as there was the Ganesh Festival. Kamlesh keeps in touch with us and his team was very enthusiastic to receive us. They send several invitations.

On the D-day we take all the necessary equipment (laptop, projector, banner, roller up banner- some of the equipment were on loan) and leave home at 9:00am to reach New Grove at 9:45am. Though Mauritius is a small island, a dot in the Indian Ocean, we have some problem to find the exact location as Ganesh never gone to this place. However a volunteer, Vijayen, also a helper in some of our events, shows us the direction and help us to set up the venue.

Ganesh start with an introduction of Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Mauritius. He explained what we are doing to contribute to Mozilla mission. The event itself is a way to contribute. Next he make an overview of the different products and projects of Mozilla. Among the participants some were not aware that there is so much in Mozilla. He talked about Open source.

Then we have a small spectrogram to break the ice between the participants. The spectrogram was if social media seize to exist what is your opinion. The participants was very responsive and their arguments also. The rate was like that those who agree must move to number 10 and those who does not agree move to number 1. And those with a neutral opinion were in the middle of the groups. During the discussion we expected that participants will change their decision but no, they remain on their decision and with good arguments.

As we were running out of time, I make a small introduction on Webmaker. We already created a login which participants can use on

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In all we had 6 laptops and some bring there’s. So the participant was divided into different groups and they started to make something or remix on webmaker.
Once they started to work on the different tools of webmaker, me (Pamela) and Ganesh were moving around to help them in their makes. We did not get a minute to pose. From everywhere they were calling us for help.

They were very interested to learn webmaker and eventually make something. However we had a time constraints as we had 3hours session. But they did show interest that we come again.

Video Feedback:

So we thank the Invaders Club of New Grove for all the set up and preparations to make this event a success. And also thanks Mr Mahadoo for inviting Mozilla Mauritius in you locality.

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Team of the day: Ganesh (Moz Reps) and Mozillian Pamela


One thought on “New Grove

  1. It is a very good initiative from Mozilla to launch such an interactive event for web page development and to be familiarize the youth with the web language.

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