Mozilla at Pointe aux Sables

One more event for Mauritius Mozilla, which took place at Pointe aux Sables. Saturday 15 March 2014 was a very fruitful day. The founder-President of Global Rainbow Foundation(GRF), Prof Armoogum Parsuramen, GOSK invited us to one of their events. The GRF is a charitable trust. Recently the trust provides hundred people with prosthesis. They are making the dream of people coming true.

Prosthesis was given to people who have leg amputated. The trust supply these people with prosthesis freely.

On Saturday there was the rehabilitation exercise for those who already got their prosthesis. The smile on these people face was worth seeing.

The rehabilitation exercise was done by volunteers and student in medicine. Once again volunteers giving a helping hand to put some smile on these people face.

Mozilla was there for an introduction of what Mozilla is doing in Mauritius. We have our presentation on the second part of the day. The first part was dedicated to the patients for their rehabilitation exercise.

We reach there around noon and setup everything for the presentation. It was an introduction. We were three Mozillians namely Ganesh, Moz Reps, Pamela and Manjula, Mozillians. Manjula was the photograph of the day. Without her the nice pictures would not have been possible.

Though during the presentation the participant were not too involve, but at the end there were many questions and some were interested to organize events at their place.

Ganesh start the presentation with explaining who Mozilla is and the several products of Mozilla. In the audience when they were asked if they know about any Mozilla product, the answer from everywhere was Firefox. Throughout the presentation we make them aware of the other interesting products.

The presentation was on:

  • Mozilla and its Mission
  • Foss
  • Mozilla Products
  • What we are doing in Mauritius
  • Mozilla Community
  • Mozilla Firefox : Addons
  • Lightbeam
  • SUMO
  • Webmaker

Ganesh also talked of what is being done Mauritius and our future plans.

I talked about the SUMO project of Mozilla. What is SUMO about, how they can post their question about any problem they encountered about Mozilla products.

Then I introduce them to Lightbeam. They seemed quite interested in Lightbeam. One question was can we blocked these third party website. There was a demo on Lightbeam which most of them were not aware of.

Then we move on with the presentation with Firefox. Ganesh told them why use Firefox, its add-ons and how they can personalize their own Firefox. The last part was introducing Webmaker, the different tools that can be used to make the web. Unfortunately they could not make any practical as there were no internet and computer facilities.

However Professor Armoogum invites us to host an event at his head office where all necessary facilities are available.

Since we did not receive our swag on time, we had to manage with what we have from previous events. We distribute pens and stickers to the audience.

After the presentation, many participants came individually to ask questions. Some were interested to have more information of what we are doing, some invites us to come to their location for more events. Among the audience one was very interested that we came to his place as he is in charge of a group of children in his locality to give them extra classes on IT.

So as you can see Mozilla Mauritius is continuing to share the word about Mozilla and its mission.

Team of the day:
Ganesh (Moz Reps), Pamela (Mozillians) and Manjula (Mozillians & Photograher)


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