Kitchen Table Event

Last week we held our Kitchen Table event on Sunday 26 Ma7 2013 between Mozillians and Moz Reps. The event was held at Veeren’ s place. Veeren(Seevamba Goinden) just join the mozillian community some months back. We thank him for inviting us to his place to organise the Kitchen Table event.

Ganesh explain about thimble. Veeren was very keen to learn about the webmaker tools. We have a webmaker session on Thimble.

Something special to mention our youngest participant was only 6yrs old. She was so interested in what we were doing that she get involved. She narrates a small story in her own way and I transcribe it using thimble. Below are the links for thimble created on this day:

However the story is in French as she likes French a lot. So a future mozillian is assured.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Furthermore we discuss about our future plans regarding the organization of Hive Popup Event.


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